Secret of happiness

Secret of happiness

Relevance of the project:

"A family – paradise rest on the earth", was told by the ancient. And the questioning of young men carried out by us and girls confirms eternity of this truth: the majority of young people, even in the conditions of imposing of delights of "free love", the main value call seven and marital fidelity each other. Who from us not be touched, seeing trains of the wedding cars decorated with flowers, looking on joyful, is dazzling beautiful newlyweds! But … soon two thirds from them appear strangers each other. Expectations of happy joint life are replaced by tragic experiences in which all relatives young are involved, and, the main thing - "love top: this miracle great – children! ".And children of unaccomplished spouses, without having before eyes of the correct example of family life, without having received knowledge of this major subject at school, follow in the footsteps of parents and repeat their mistakes already in the adult life. The reasons of such collapse of hopes - and inside, and out of us. The majority of the young is in captivity of the myths imposed by mass media:
"the chastity – outdated concept, a prejudice, also is told about it only by odd fellows da old men who have nothing to lose;
the "nonconventional" sexual relations - modern option of norm and a private matter of everyone:
""trial marriage" is necessary for check of feelings;
"a possession of many children – destiny of outcasts" and other similar.

The price of these installations – not only the broken destinies of adults and children, but also "… great crashes and disappearances of the people which are expressed, first of all, in family decomposition" (Ivan Aleksandrovich Ilyin, the Russian thinker of 19-20 centuries).

Project purposes:

Statement of traditional family values means of cinema;
Preparation of youth for creation of a strong, happy family.


Creation of a cycle of movies about bases of family happiness ("Wait me, my love", "A man's question", "Game in a family" and others), directed on:
discrediting of the myths destroying a family;
report of truthful information on spiritual and psychological bases of creation of a strong family;
acquaintance to the happy families which have built the house on a stone of eternal values.
Distribution of a cycle of movies "Secret of Happiness" for broad display, first of all, in youth audience (in youth collectives, on the Internet).

Дождись меня, моя любовь!

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