Mind the manipulation!

Mind the manipulation!

Relevance of the project:

We arrive as we consider it necessary and we believe that in it our free choice consists. In reality we depend on a set of circumstances and people. Our choice means a consent with someone's other will, angry or kind. The evil will needs to mask and in order that it is imperceptible for the person to form his belief in the course favorable to the manipulator, the whole management science is created by behavior of people. Means of this "science" of the person it is possible to incline to purchase of these or those goods, various services. Besides, it is possible to inspire imperceptibly anti-family installations. And it already means conducting information war in the territory of the opponent, including with the geopolitical purposes. Many people at all don't suspect that them use that they are object of impact of this unsolemn war. But, it is warned – means it is armed!

Project purpose:

To help release of consciousness of people from others "values" and the imposed installations, including with the sphere of marriage and family life.


To draw attention to manipulation with consciousness in the matrimonial and child parental relations and to answer questions:
- what purpose is pursued by such impact on consciousness?
- whom and how it becomes?
- how to protect itself and the family from manipulation?
Form of implementation of the project:

Disk - the collection printing, audio and video records, including author's, with the subsequent its distribution.

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