Expert view

Expert view

Relevance of the project:

Today the Internet gives the chance to express to any, and it is plus. But in the sea of judgments voices of those who has not only "opinion", but also profound knowledge and experience sink. That "to ripen in a root", it is important to hear voices of experts - authoritative statements of people of the different professions having a direct bearing on life of a family (armor. "expertus" - the skilled expert drawing the qualified conclusion on the question).



To increase competence of the people who are interested in family problems.


1.Ssozdaniye a cycle of author's programs with experts in the field of a demography, psychology of the family relations, medicine and other professionals.
2.Wide circulation of these materials.

Form of implementation of the project:

Disk with a cycle of author's programs – thematic meetings with the people which position causes interest, respect and desire to reflect and work.


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