Miracle of life

Miracle of life

Life – always gift and a miracle. But not all know in our educated century: when human life begins. Can be because to the phenomenon to the world of each kid his life in a womb of mother was secret. Today the veil over this secret was raised by science, and we can become witnesses of the most mysterious and dynamic period of life which once endured.

Relevance of the project in a situation paradoxicality:

We received life as a present, but we don't want to start up to the world million our conceived children.

We support observance of human rights and the moratorium on the death penalty for criminals, but we refuse the right to life to not born, innocent children.

We suffer from loneliness and cruelty of the world – but we reject unconditional love of the child, the kid.

We live in very beautiful and richest country in the world, but promptly we disappear from a face of the native earth.

Project purpose:

To fall in love with not been born children the same as we love the already given rise.


To acquaint with "the person from the future", of the first day in a maternal belly till the birth.
To give to people materials for distribution of this knowledge in a circle native, friends and by that to take part in protection of our smallest fellow citizens.
Form of implementation of the project:

The almanac – the collection of thematic materials different in a genre, but united by love to not been born children going to our world.

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