Our projects

  • Secret of happiness

    Secret of happiness

    Project purposes:
    Statement of traditional family values means of cinema;
    Preparation of youth for creation of a strong, happy family.

  • Miracle of life

    Miracle of life

    Project purpose:

    To fall in love with not been born children the same as we love the already given rise

  • Mind the manipulation!

    Mind the manipulation!

    Project purpose:

    To help release of consciousness of people from others "values" and the imposed installations, including with the sphere of marriage and family life.

  • Expert view

    Expert view


    To increase competence of the people who are interested in family problems.

  • I choose a famyli !

    I choose a famyli !

    Project purpose: From melancholy for the destroyed family happiness to pass to restoration of ideals of a traditional family: at first in outlook, and then in the house

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