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"Great crashes and disappearances of the people arise from spiritual and religious crises

which are expressed, first of all, in family decomposition".

Ivan Aleksandrovich Ilyin, Russian thinker



The Kolybel information center is created in April, 2012 at Miloserdiye Charity foundation in Yekaterinburg. Our work began long before it is in 2002 as a part of the Center of protection of motherhood "Cradle". We were engaged in protection of not born children and the help to families. Ten years' experience convinced us that the main reason of family not structures and personal sufferings that people have no reliable knowledge or allow to manipulate itself. And, having kept already known for much name "Cradle", we decided to concentrate on information and educational activity. After all life is defined by consciousness, is more exact outlook. And to be happy, it is necessary to decide to become wise.

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E-mail: kolybel.inform@mail.ru

Phones: 8-904-984-74-41 and 8-904-987-97-72

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